The Future of Internet Anonymity: TOR, ATOR, and Blockchain Technology

The Future of Internet Anonymity TOR, ATOR, and Blockchain Technology

The world is constantly evolving, and technological advancements are being made in all areas of our lives. Blockchain technology has disrupted many industries by taking away the long-standing era of centralization and central entities. Anonymity and privacy are crucial in the way we carry out our daily activities, including medical, educational, social, and digital lives.

For many decades, personal data and information have been used in ways that we are unaware of. Our privacy has been infringed upon, and we have been monitored. Blockchain technology offers a decentralized way of doing things, taking power away from central authorities and giving it to the individual. This allows us to truly own something without interference from third parties.

Blockchain technology also provides a way for users to remain anonymous and protects their privacy. Although most service providers within the crypto space are able to track identities through IP addresses, many software companies are developing various strategies to make internet users remain anonymous. An example of this is TOR.

TOR relies on the goodwill of people, which is not a long-term strategy since people's goodwill has a limit. With blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, creating a system that does not rely on people's goodwill is easier, faster, and better. ATOR, a crypto software company, recognizes that TOR relying on people's goodwill is a time bomb waiting to explode. With proper incentives, TOR contributors would have another meaning to their respective contributions within the TOR network.

If TOR and Blockchain technology are combined, we have ATOR. ATOR leverages both TOR and Blockchain by using two devices. The router is a hotspot device that connects to Tor, and the relay is a Tor relay preconfigured with the signing capabilities to work with the Proof of Uptime system. The Proof of Uptime system rewards time based on how many hours relay operators keep the relay running, with the reward being powered by blockchain technology. ATOR incentivizes TOR contributors with ATOR tokens, a token deployed on the Ethereum network.

Incentivizing TOR contributors with ATOR tokens would reward them for their work, increase the number of relays, motivate them to continue contributing, and provide additional sources of income. It would also reduce the chances of compromise. Traditional ways of incentivizing TOR have failed, but ATOR's blockchain-backed means of incentive would succeed because of the power of the blockchain to reward without bias, fair distribution, and complete decentralized way of rewarding the relay holders.

Joining ATOR in this evolution of internet anonymity leveraging on both TOR and Blockchain technology is beneficial because it allows you to make a fortune as a relay owner who will get an incentive for keeping the network and internet users secured. You are also helping thousands of people who would be silenced if internet anonymity is not guaranteed, shaping the future of free speech and confidentiality, and ensuring that your privacy and that of internet users are not eroded.

The values of privacy and anonymity are essential because they give whistleblowers the confidence to continue doing their job, guarantee free speech, provide a platform for marginalized people all over the world to express their concerns, decrease real-life harassment, and ensure personal privacy is not eroded. Maintaining anonymity and restoring privacy to internet users is crucial in achieving these values, and with ATOR's approach and the combination of TOR and Blockchain, we would have tranquility while surfing the internet.

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