About Us

At Offshore Legal Advice, We're Your Trusted Partner in Company Formation and Management

Founded in 2017, Offshore Legal Advice is dedicated to helping startups and SMEs unleash their potential for growth and expansion. Our mission is to free businesses from the intimidating tasks of company administration, so they can focus on what they do best. We specialize in company formation, banking assistance, accounting and auditing, legal administration, and much more, in over 20 countries worldwide.

Our proven IT strategy, combined with long-term sustainable relationships in the industry, allows us to deliver scalable services at minimum cost. No matter where you want to start your business, Offshore Legal Advice can help you accelerate the process in a reliable and successful manner.

Who We Serve?

Entrepreneurs: Materializing your business ideas is no longer a challenge. Our expertise in over 20 countries makes it easy to start your business venture across the globe.

SMEs: Whether you're looking for business administration outsourcing or expanding your business to a new market, with little knowledge and time to set up, you can trust us to make the process smooth and cost-effective.

Professional Intermediaries: Leveraging our special knowledge of countries and system capacity can improve your customers' experience to a whole new level. Click here to know more about our partner program.

What Makes Us Different?

Local Knowledge: Our local experts with many years of experience serving customers allow us to gain a full understanding of legal and regulatory compliance necessary for company operation.

Tailored Solutions: We can provide customized solutions in line with your business objectives.

Affordable Pricing: Utilizing technology like cloud computing, SaaS, and outsourced labor force with redundant and repetitive tasks gave us a great cost advantage, which is passed directly to your benefit.

Range of Services: We can serve as your single point of contact regarding business administration thanks to our wide range of service coverage.

Our Core Values

These values are reinforced in day-to-day operations and remain at the heart of setting our strategy to achieve long-term goals. It governs and shapes internal interactions throughout the company and relationships with outside stakeholders.

Integrity: We promote truth and honesty in our working environment and in dealing with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

Passion: We take pride in all we do. It lies behind the motivation that keeps our job to the highest standard.

Commitment: Our Dedication and Commitment to customer success with hard and smart working.

Leadership: Ownership and empowerment encourage our employees to become leaders in the industry and deliver excellent services.

At Offshore Legal Advice, we're committed to delivering exceptional service and value to our clients. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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