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Hello, I’m Henry Scott, the face behind this website. Originally from California, I now reside in Mexico, where I have found a deep connection with the country’s diverse landscapes. Mexico’s mesmerizing beaches and majestic mountains have always been a wellspring of inspiration and tranquility for me.

Originally from a small town in the heart of California, I was raised in a household where financial matters played a central role. From a young age, I witnessed the importance of saving and financial planning. My grandmother’s wise words, as she saved coins in an old glass jar for rainy days, left an indelible impression on me.

As I embarked on my own financial journey, I encountered various challenges. Making decisions between immediate desires and long-term savings, as well as grappling with the burden of debt when I moved to the city to pursue my studies, allowed me to relate to others facing similar predicaments.

My expertise is not solely derived from theoretical knowledge, but also from hands-on experience, learning from mistakes, and leveraging personal victories. This combination of practical experience and formal certification enables me to provide well-rounded and reliable guidance.

Beyond finance, I find solace in exploring nature. Mexico’s diverse landscapes, from its mesmerizing beaches to its majestic mountains, have always been a wellspring of inspiration and tranquility for me. Additionally, I am an avid reader who enjoys delving into historical novels and books on personal economics.

Thank you for visiting my site and embarking on this journey with me. Together, we can acquire knowledge, grow, and achieve our financial goals. Whether you require expert guidance on offshore company formation or seek financial advice, I am here to assist you every step of the way.

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